Issue #8

The script for the eighth issue of the superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted. Read and discuss it here.

Panel 5 Hourglass is now close to Kinetic and Max. Kinetic is, once again, making it to his feet by stepping away from Max who had been looming over him. Kinetic's gut is bleeding all over.


Can't hold on.


Don't. I can do this. Just hold on.

Panel 6 Tight shot of Hourglass and Max face to face. They are both in profile. He is enraged, and still frozen in place. She is looking bad. Blood and tears on her face. But, also, clarity.

Panel 7 Similar to panel six, but turned so that we can see it more from Max's POV. She is looking clear and focused, but she is also tense with effort. Emphasis on open bullet hole.


Who are you? Why did you kill me?

Issue #6

The script for the sixth issue of the superhero comic book, Rapid City has now been posted. Read and discuss it here.

Panel 1 Hourglass is still talking, but now we see Kinetic and Justin's reactions to her story. They are both concerned.

HOURGLASS The man was gone and so was the girl. I could have stopped the whole thing, but I screwed up. Her death is on my head.

KINETIC Hey, you did the best you could at that moment. It's ok to be scared.

Panel 2 Kinetic keeps talking. He is gesturing to his own head.

KINETIC No one can be expected to know how to deal with....with death like that. I can't imagine how that must mess with you up here.

Panel 3 Hourglass looks back at him with a look resembling pity.

This issue is the second part of the Hourglass story arc. Kinetic and Hourglass are getting closer to finding a killer, who is getting closer to finding them.

Gallery now open!

I recently posted a piece of art from artist Sean Marooney who took it upon himself to use my issue #1 script as the basis for sequential art practice and sample pieces. Now that Sean has posted two more pages from that same script, I am using them to launch The Gallery.

Check it out, and let me know what you think of it.


Who's the boss?

Today I needed to fill some pages, but I also needed to make a few characters a little more dynamic. Maxwell Murder is a cool character. The problem is that he is TOO cool. He is good at what he does, and he doesn't care too much what anyone else thinks about him. He wound up the boss of every scene he was in. This worked as a cool counter point to the more mopey, Kinetic. the trouble is that a character who is in charge of every situation is seldom very interesting.

When is Bond more interesting, when he enjoying a vodka martini or when he about to be tortured to death? The loss of dog becomming bottom dog... is interesting.

I was fortunate enough earlier today to have exactly that situation open up for me on the page. The situation that Max had expected to be in suddenly became something that neither one of us had expected.

For him, it is very disconcerting to suddenly no have the situation under control. For me, though, it is a great thrill to watch my characters take charge and actually DO something.