almost 9

Getting there.All of the pages of issue #9 are complete.

Two of them need to be re-written.....but I know what is going in there, so it should not take long. Clearly it is late, but it is done...almost done. It's strange that I should be writing these issues about dealing with death when there is so much of it really going on around me. Last week I didn't even have shoes to wear to a funeral, and since then I have been to two of them.

Normally I try to channel real life stuff into the stories that i am writing. In this case, though, the character's connection to these events is very different from my own. It wouldn't feel right to force that. I am writing these characters from my own life, but not based on this past week.

I'm human, so some of it must have come out. But not intentionally. Somewhere down the line, maybe, but not in this story.