Nodding off

Had a bit of free time last night after doing everything that needed to be done. I am proud to say that i resisted the temptation to just watch TV and opened up my computer to write a few pages. That is how it gets done, a few pages at a time.

I think I added two pages to my script before my eyes started to close on me. By the end I think I saved the latest copy five or six times in a row because I would nod off in the middle of the arduous task of clicking on "save" and awake a second later unsure if I has saved.

Similar thing almost happened this morning on the train. I didn't want to risk nodding off and dropping my computer on the subway, so i saved, packed it up, and just zoned out listening to music the rest of the way.

Though each of these were tiny accomplishments, I am quite proud of the focus it took to accept that I was only going to get a tiny amount done at best, and to still get that little bit done. I am two pages closer to done.