Issue #10

The script for the tenth issue of the superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted.

Panel 2. Sidekick on the ground. He has knocked over one of those black waste barrels and several pump hoses have come out of their cradles. He is gesturing to one of the hoses, or holding one up, as an example,


Careful? Doesn't look like you're too...

Panel 3. Kinetic has grabbed Sidekick by his jacket and is swinging him in a high arc.



Panel 4. Kinetic completes the high arc by slamming Sidekick hard into the ground. Monkey is leaping clear of the impact and bits of gravel are spraying up.

Panel 5. Kinetic gripping his bandaged abdomen in pain and grimacing. Sidekick is climbing to his feet again




What was the point of.... Oh!


Are you ok?

Panel 5. Shot of Monkey looking over at the slightly larger crowd.


Sidekick, this isn't working.

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