Why Kav is redrawing an entire graphic novel! 7/14/2012

man i sucked back then-look at the difference

Ok here's a before and after of Dr Death. Notice the much less awkward facial expression and much better spotting of blacks. The lines are cleaner and less hesitant which equals pro.

Here's a before after of the break room scene guest starring Sean Phillips. The new panels also upped the ante by adding Ed Brubaker! You can see the better drawing quality. The characters are much more naturally placed and drawn.

The vampires. The original vampires-well I just didn't like the look of them so I completely redesigned them and drew them better. They look less creepy, which as you get to know them actually makes them more creepy.

The pawn shop scene before and after. The lines are much cleaner and I didn't overdraw.

The scene in the bar where doc senses his barmates. I went for a more natural look as drawing is easier for me now than a year ago when I drew the before pics. The poses, expressions-all more natural.

The bartender chick. The before chick looks kinda goofy-almost like an elf. The after is better overall.

And finally the infamous Zombie-controlling skull. I can't believe, actually, how bad I drew it originally. It's even placed wrong on the table! You can tell when an artist is 'not quite there' yet in ability when you see searching in the lines. A proficient artist knows exactly where each line needs to go and slaps them down without hesitation. If you ever see hesitation in your work, start over!

wtf was i thinkin??????