Happy Holi-delays!

Lots of things get delayed during "the holiday season".Creators site family pressure, illness, travel, and hustle&bustle.

Ok, well, I met my holiday-related deadlines just fine. Partially because my family made the wise decision to dodge the big rush and hold our "holidays" in mid-February. Ok, so this eased up on a lot of that pressure for me. I was able to use that vacation time to really get ahead of the game.

So now it is mid-February, and that time pressure has come back with a vengance.

Think of it like this.... If my relaxing December could be thought of as sending those problems away to a far-off planet where they will never bother anyone again, then this past week or two has been World War Christmas.

Buying and making gifts for everyone, making travel arrangements, making dog arrangements, packing, cleaning, working, every other thing that a person has to do..... and feeling sick for about a week.

Short version. I am not going to make this month's deadline on the 15th.

But, I will have the whole next week off, so I plan to catch up pretty quickly and get back on schedule.

This delay bothers me, but I know that it was not due to laziness... so I can accept it.