Pros and Cons

I am planning on going to the Boston Comic Con tomorrow. Folks twittering from the line outside and the show floor this morning reported that it was very crowded. Not considering at all how this relates to me or how I will approach the con, this is great news. This show has been growing and growing for the past few years. A door-busting turn-out like this says that it isn't going to stop for a while yet. This is good news for lots of reasons, but mostly because the people who run this show have always been very friendly to small press and artists alley.

The question here is, how do you sell yourself as a writer? Everyone knows that no one reads scripts. Could be, though, that no one has read scripts in the past because they have not been presented in an appealingly readable fashion. Could be. Do I know what that appealingly readable fashion is? No I do not. Could it have something to do with iPads and Kindles? There might be something to that.

Dig deeper into that question above. How do you sell yourself? Well, what are you selling? Is it the opportunity to publish something that I have written? Or is it my ability to get writing done?

The point of maintaining my monthly script deadline has been to learn how to do it, and to show potential employers an publishers that I can do it. That ability is observable here in on the web from month to month. But how does one convey months and months of punctuality in a 5 minute conversation? That one I really don't know.

I have some ideas, but I have a feeling, a lot is going to depend on feeling out each individual situation, and responding to those specific needs.