Open Studio 7/13/2012 friday the 13th-Kav starts RC 6

What is the Open Studio?

Kav gets the ball rolling on drawing the script for Rapid City 6 by pointing out some much needed revisions.

OK dude the new script for Dr death is lagging, so I'm gonna go ahead and start RC 6 as I certainly don't want to stop drawing-pay me when you can that's not a big issue.  OK-page 1 is simply unworkable-a nine panel page with a large establishing shot and mega dialogue-i clipped panel 8.  and there's still barely any room for the art with all the script and the tiny panels.  I'm already drawing it so just trim dialogue if you want but don't do any panel changes besides the mentioned panel 8.

Kav, I am so embarrassed by that page now. 9 panels? What was I thinking. I hope that you will not get too far in the drawing before you read this. I really want to make some corrections in there. I will write a beat sheet for you. Once you have that, you can simply ignore the panels as I have them and hit the beats in your own way. I will be right back. -Josh

too late dude-anyway all you have to do is trim dialogue not anything major.  You should know by now I'm a steamroller dude:

Holy crap! You did it! I walked the dog and ate dinner. And in that time you finished this page. That is pretty impressive. And, it actually looks good. I notice that you have been trying to leave space at the tops of the panels. Nice work. -Josh

ha ha joshy you know i gotcho back.....I just wish tony was as productive as you-I'm always wrangling pages out of him....he never keeps up with me....


Looks good! And remember 9 panels is workable so long as you are focused on storytelling and not splashy dynamics. See David Lapham's Stray Bullets if you ever have a doubt.
Of course, he's some sort of savant. The cover will be coming soon, btw.

I love the art in stray bullets but hate the story-the whole premise that this chick cant just go to a hardware store and buy as many bullets as she wants just kills it for me.


That isn't Stray Bullets. You might be thinking of 100 Bullets. And the premise of that book is not that those are the only bullets, but rather that anything you do with those bullets will have no legal consequences. -josh

Here you can read the first four issues. Enjoy great storytelling!


This is not disastrous.That bump I took last month threw my schedule off by about 15 days.

I am recovering from it, but I think that I will probably miss my upcoming deadline by a few days. I don't like that, but I can live with it.

See, what I am doing here is writing a monthly superhero comic book. I have set my monthly deadline for the 15th. That avoids all of the other end of the month pressure and every recognized month has a 15th.

This writing project is my attempt to learn how to write superhero comics, and the story is about a guy learning to actually be a superhero. We are following the same learning curve.

Maybe the next story arc will feature him busting his ass, but still being just a little too late to save the day.