Discussion: ON!

I still have not made an official announcement post about the script for issue #4. I have been giving myself a bit of a break from working on this project after meeting my deadline. Just a day or two. As a result, I have been lazy about posting updates.

I will put up an official announcement soon, but until then....just so you know.... issue #4 is completed and available for reading.

Also, I activated discussion links for each posted script. You will see the links to the discussions all over the script page. I am looking forward to seeing what people have to say about these scripts.

I have been thinking lately about schemes for monetizing this blog. It occurs to me that I could charge a dollar for the PDF of the script when I first release it, and then for free a month later. Or maybe not free, but keep scaling it back.

For example. Next month #5 will come out. On the release date #5 would be a dollar, #4 would be a quarter, and #3 would drop down to free. So, if someone wanted to wait it out, they would all eventually be free. But if someone wanted to pay to get it right away, they could do that too. People tend to take things more seriously when they have to pay something for them.

Offer (for example) Watchmen buttons for free, and people will take handfuls and then just toss them out when they get home. Charge 25 cents for the same buttons and those same people will actually wear them around....which is the goal of that kind of marketing. Lots of people might read my scripts now and then just forget about them. If, however, they paid a dollar, they would feel compelled to tell other people....'Hey, look what I got!" or "Can you believe I paid a dollar for this trash?"

And for those who wait for the price drop....it will feel like they are getting away with something....not just browsing through even MORE free content.

Still a long way from a decision on this, but considering options.