Closing in

I have just a few more pages to do to get issue #4 completed. In order to do it right, I may have to make it a few pages longer than the other three. Thinking of it in terms of a print book, I would have to make it so that it is the same physical size. For the last part of a story arc, it seems perfectly acceptable to eat up the inside covers and stuff with actual page content.

With a different story, I would say just make the issue bigger. However, a lot of this story, and this issue, is about getting through the times when nothing is happening. I worry that it looks like space filler. Because, in a way, it is. That is fine, because it fits the story.

That is no problem at all with a digital copy...or in script form....but when those tension building down-times equal more actual pages and a higher price, then I get worried.

It is just a matter of controlling the size of the issue.


I have already written the last scene of this arc and issue. All I am doing now is making sure that the stuff in between the middle and the end carries the story through.