Open studio 7/14/2012 page one inking begins!

                             What is the Open Studio?

prevu! -kav

Moon. -Micah

ha ha i'm just messing with josh -kav


bah ha ha I'm putting a moon in every panel-even indoors!  And, I'm introducing a new character-Moon Man.  his power is to make the moon appear constantly. -kav

A character with the power to constantly make the moon appear? We have one of those already.. his name is Kav. -Josh

aw crud-so much for my secret ID


Open Studio 7/9/2012 - coloring #3 cover

                            What is the Open Studio? Colors for #3 cover. I think it might be interesting if we try this: The top is dark and the bottom is light on this cover-sort of a yin/yang deal. The tendency would be to color the dark area-hourglass and city-in cool colors and the bottom-flamethrower in warm. What if we did the reverse? Hourglass in like warm sunset colors, annemarie in greenish tones as green can be warm or cold and she's in the middle-and flamethrower in cool blue flame colors



I was thinking something similar, but instead of green, I was going to go with pinks for AM...this way we get a transition of magenta/red -> pink/violet -> blue/white. I was also attempting to model the technique of the master montage painter, Drew Struzan. In turn, I am just finishing up the underpainting stage. Here's a screen-capture of that progress so far.

dude I actually like this cover AS IS.  The unfinished limited palette is quite fetching.  just punch up the city and bam-Josh please can we do it?  gritty.  I have no idea HTF you made it look like a painting.


That is gorgeous! But leave it like that? I don't know... is there any reason to do a special edition or something that could have that? -Josh

.... Vs The Clock

My deadline for issue #8 is today. I am going to miss it, but not by much. This is bad, but not terrible. I started this project as a learning experience, and I am learning a hell of a lot.

The story that I am writing is a about a man trying to be a superhero. The idea is that his progress at being a superhero will mirror my progress at writing a superhero. So far it has been working out pretty well.

The intentional parallels are very nice, and work well whether or not any reader ever notices them. The real fun for me, though, is when things pop out at me that I did not initially intend to include.

For example, the reason that I am late with this issue is because it is moving toward a definite ending. Two characters and a story arc WILL END within these next few pages. I know how it is going to happen, but I am afraid of doing it. I am afraid that I will bungle the execution, and I am afraid of what will happen after.

Each page brings me closer to that uncertainty, so the longer I can stall it, the longer I can exist in a state of pre-determined purpose.

And guess what the characters are going through in the scenes that I am writing. Exactly that. They are comfortable with DOING when it means going after a bad guy or racing to a new fight... but the lingering dread that every step brings them closer to a conclusion eventually becomes paralyzing.

So take a guess what has been happening to me as I wrote those scenes.

Same thing! The allegory holds!

So last night I was at the scene where the final decision is being made. To be or not to be. And I was afraid to start it. Starting is the first step toward finishing. And finishing one thing leads to the uncertainty of the next thing.

The thing that made my characters move is the same thing that made me move. A ticking clock. For them it is a countdown. For me it is Celtx's session timer. When I see that number going up, adding seconds... and I am not adding words.... I just start typing. If it sucks, I can come back and change it. I just need to fight that clock..... and so do my characters.