100 Bullets #100

Final Curtain 100 Bullets #100

Brian Azzarello Eduardo Risso

This is the final issue of the 100 issue run of Vertigo's best crime comic. It probably broke some kind of record. I know that there were a few delays and breaks along the way, but I do think that he first issue came out pretty close to 100 months ago. 100 great comic books, that is some kind of achievement.

What worked: Azzarello and Risso are a great team. Their comics are moody and fast paced. So much is left unsaid that it can sometimes feel like watching a foreign film where you are not sure what happened, but you got the gist of it. Azzarello drags the last tag of dialogue or narration over onto the start of the next scene in a way that creates a rich continuity of theme and emotion. It also builds a hell of a lot of tension because scenes never actually end...they just bleed out.

What did not work: I honestly don't know for sure what went on. Like I said, I got the gist of it. But that is about it. This series has kept us so information starved that big questions have counted as revelations. And now, at the end, I am really not sure if those questions have been answered. I still do not know what happened at Atlantic City, or to whom it happened, or why the Minute Men were disbanded, or how they were “de-programmed, or how Dizzy learned kung-fu, or what Graves's goal really was this whole time, or what the biggest crime in history was, or whose side anyone was on, or what the sides were....and that is just off the top of head the stuff that I know I don't know. I know that this book has been to hip for a “story so far” recap, but it really could have used one now and then. I am afraid if I re-read them I STILL won't know what was up, and then I will be disappointed. On the other hand, if it all does click together it will be fantastic. As it is, I respect the book enough not to just go to wikipedia for the answers. I'll either re-read it all one day, or just give up on “getting it” and call it a fun ride, or maybe – just maybe – I'l be walking along one day and overhear some trigger word and have all of the hidden clues and nuances come rushing back to me all at once.