Rapid City goes PDF

This is big, but I can't quite explain how. I have been using Celtx to write my scripts. It is a really great program and makes the whole writing process much easier.....after small learning curve. The rigid format has forced me to tighten up my scripting style a lot. There is no doubt that I have benefited from it.

Celtx also provides a service through which they auto-publish your work to their Project Central web site. This is a really easy way to publish, but it is also very limiting. I don't know tech stuff about coding and all of that, which is why it took me so long to figure this out. So, I can't explain exactly why, but it is similar to the way that itunes turns all of your media files into itunes files. I could publish my scripts through Celtx Project Central, but it was almost impossible to do anything else with them.

Now, with a series of simple installs, I can turn my scripts straight into PDF files which I can then do whatever I want with. Print, email, sell...whatever. Plus, all of the scripts are now "in house". Meaning that when you go to read a script, you are no longer being sent to another web site. This also solves the formatting problem that I was having with Internet Explorer.

The Celtx program is a very powerful way to create scripts....now I feel like that power has been liberated.