eHow's advice

I also came upon this article by Robert Vaux. How to Write a Comic Book Plot

Honestly, I was hoping to make fun of it for getting everything wrong, but it actually does a decent job of explaining the basics. I don't know if you could actually make a comic book by following these steps, but following them could lead the way that you actually COULD use.

Step 6 is where it seems to get a bit tongue-in-cheek about the over simplification of the process.

Step 6 Give a trusted friend the script and let him or her offer suggestions. If possible, your friend should be a professional editor or someone with a background in English. Regardless, your friend should be honest in pointing out problem areas and helpful in mentioning possible solutions.

That is good advice.

Issue #8

The script for the eighth issue of the superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted. Read and discuss it here.

Panel 5 Hourglass is now close to Kinetic and Max. Kinetic is, once again, making it to his feet by stepping away from Max who had been looming over him. Kinetic's gut is bleeding all over.


Can't hold on.


Don't. I can do this. Just hold on.

Panel 6 Tight shot of Hourglass and Max face to face. They are both in profile. He is enraged, and still frozen in place. She is looking bad. Blood and tears on her face. But, also, clarity.

Panel 7 Similar to panel six, but turned so that we can see it more from Max's POV. She is looking clear and focused, but she is also tense with effort. Emphasis on open bullet hole.


Who are you? Why did you kill me?