Open Studio 7/27/2012 Glyph Teaches Wing Chun

What is the Open Studio?

Everybody have fun tonight, everybody wing chun tonight! Kav, this looks great. I especially like the fan. Nice touch. Whenever you show Glyph's place, work in as many philosophies/world-views as you can. -Josh

thats my plan dude-should be sending next 6 pages manana.  ps when i spun out in the rain on the freeway and missed another car by about 3 inches that song was playing.  it was actually the line 'on the edge of oblivion'. -kav

Open Studio 7/21/2012 Kav solves dilemma of page 11

                                       What is the Open Studio? From Josh's script for issue 6:

The script for issue #6, page 11 reads: "A wide panel across the top of the page. Nothing in it but shadowy background and Hourglass off to the far right. A pretty close shot of her. Her face is hard, like she is fighting back outrage. The effect of the long panel should be that she is pausing before answering. If there is another way to achieve this effect, do that." This is Kav's solution.

These are really solid drafts, but I think that your eye-shift on p2 is too subtle. It ends up looking like you tried to draw the same image three times and failed. A nudge more, and I think you have some McCloudian storytelling here! Looks great! Love, Micah

Micah, I am glad you mentioned Scott McCloud, but not glad that I cannot locate my copy of Understanding Comics. Anyway, there is a page in there where he demonstrates exactly what I am talking about here with this wide panel. The empty space to the left of the image implies a pause. Do you guys know the page I am talking about? -Josh

I do know the page very well dude.  The panels above show a stronger pause-the McCloud method is more subtle and tends to get lost on non-afficianados  but I can do it the other way-want me to clip the first 2 panels? kav

I don't completely agree about that effect being lost on non-afficianados. Especially because this books audience will mostly be people who are already fans. But, upon more thought that effect will not work well when there is nothing else in the panel. If there was a lot to look at, it would feel more like a pause, so... once again, you are right. In re-reading the script, I see that this is Hourglass reluctanly conceding that there is nothing more to be done at the moment. For that, I would suggest that the third image show her looking down or closing her eyes. That will keep people from thinking these panels are a Warhol or something. -Josh

gotcha-i drew the sample panels and the effect only works if the person is not speaking.  If they're speaking, it just looks like someone over on the right is speaking and the pause effect is lost.  I'm pretty sure the mc cloud panel was non speaking:

ps i redrew panel 3 with eyes downcast-much better.  And you know who else uses the warhol/mc cloud thing a LOT?  Frank Miller.