Last Weekend: Brushes with Celebrity pt 2

Last Sunday, Bekah and I went to the House of Blues in Boston to see Rancid.RANCIDRancid is my favorite band. They have been forever. I have actually lost track of how many times I have seen them. Lots. A few years ago, when I was working in the first version of Rapid City and Bekah was coming out to visit me from Ashby, I hung around outside what was then called The Avalon hoping to talk to Rancid before they played that night. There were a few other people hanging around out there. Tim Armstrong came out to talk to us and sign stuff. I gave him an ashcan preview and told him that my comic was largely inspired by his music. He thought that was cool and put my name on "the list" to come and see the show that night. I had already seen them the night before with Bekah. That was the only time I saw them two nights in a row.

Anyway, back to last weekend. Bekah and I loved the show. I wasn't just talking when I said that my comics are inspired by their music. Every time I see them play I get a billion ideas crashing through my head. We waited near their bus in hopes of catching them after the show. I brought copies of Rapid City 1-4 to give to them. It was pretty exciting. There wee a few other people also waiting around while different crew members and stuff loaded out. We waited. A long time. Bekah said

"All I know it's 1 o'clock, and they ain't never showed up and... I watched a dozen people go home form work."

So, we went home. I had the next day, Monday, off of work. I went back down there. The show started around 6:30, so I got there around 5. And I stood there. In the sun, and the rain, and even in the hail. And I waited. I knew the buses. I knew the doors. I knew the time. So I waited and I watched.

I never saw Matt come or go either day. But I met him and shook his hand last year.

I saw Lars go by, but did not recognize him until he was already gone by.

I saw Tim go past once. Too quick. Again, back to the bus this time. A young girl called out to him and he very sincerely told her "Not now. After. After."

I knew that I couldn't wait until after. And the show had already started inside. Tim's band The Transplants would be taking the stage soon. Running out of time.

I positioned myself for the most best eye-lines between the bus and the stage door.

A few minutes later, Tim came off the bus and i called out to him. "Hey, Tim."

He stepped right over and I told him about how I had met him before and about the earlier comics. Then I showed him the books. He saw the comics, and that it was rainy, and he pulled us all (me, him, and his small entourage) under an awning so that they would not get wet. I showed him Kav and Micah's cover to issue 2 and said "That's Maxwell Murder!" I think he was impressed with that. He told someone else who was standing there, like he was proud of it...

That's Maxwell Murder!

I gave him the books and he said "I love comics."

And that was it. I gave the comics I made to the musician who inspired me to write them.

Maybe he read them. Maybe he didn't. Maybe they are being passed around the tour bus right now. Maybe not. Either way, I felt pretty cool.

The 16th of March

It is the 16th of March, and I have no new rapid City script to post.That is not a sad thing, however, because Kav and I have been working on a different script project. This method we are using is much more collaborative, and that makes it harder to predict how long it will take to get it done. That script is not complete, but it is done to the point where it is at least usable by an artist.

I am not really happy that i missed this deadline, but i am not crushed by it either. I have been a few days late in the past... and I am breaking in a whole new method of getting comics done. So, I give myself a little grace period there.

Open Studio 10/29/2012 In the previous issue of Rapid City...

Issue 2 is getting ready to the printer, but I forgot to write that "last issue..." blurb. So here goes.

"Last issue... Brian, a young man who

Frustrated with his...

Taking the name Kinetic, a young man...

No, I should make it past tense

Last issue... Brian was frustrated... (too passive)

Brian struggled to start a life as a superhero, ultimately choosing the name "Kinetic". (that is better) Meanwhile, Law enforcement agents froze Maxwell Murder's bank accounts, forcing him into ( into what? desperation?)

Meanwhile, frozen bank accounts force Maxwell Murder into a corner. (nope. Not right.)

Meanwhile, frozen bank accounts leave Maxwell Murder in a desperate situation. (Ok, I think that works. Now let's put them together.)

Brian struggled to start a life as a superhero, ultimately choosing the name "Kinetic". Meanwhile, frozen bank accounts leave Maxwell Murder in a desperate situation.

I think that'll do it. -Josh

How about:

Brian won his first superhero bout-with himself-by choosing his name 'Kinetic'.  Maxwell Murder, on the other hand, lost his bout with an ATM as he learned his account had been frozen...making the killer desperate....

Open Studio 9/2/2012 Marvel Style

Since listening to the Decompressed podcast on Marvel Style, I have been fascinated by it.I want to try it right away! I usually over-write my panels just a bit in the full-script style. I think that, by this point, Kav knows that this is not me being obnoxious, but rather uncertain. I also tend to let the dialog lead the scene. I mean that I will often just let the characters talk... let them flow where ever they want to go. This is why i have so much repetition in my early drafts. Then I will take all of that rambling and pare it down into tighter flow, one that actually moves from turning point to turning point. I use those turning points to plan out my panel breaks. Every time the conversation changes direction, I need a new panel. That method works pretty well.

But, in my zeal to use Marvel Style, I have been trying something else on my latest issue. Instead of think about what everyone is going to say, I have been trying to think about what the page, or the next panel, should look like. Then I just write that. With little dialog tags like "COIL speaks" so that I know I have to come back and put in SOME kind of chatter. It is so much fun, and it makes the dialog that eventually goes in so much more vibrant. This is just my half-ass Marvel Style and I already love it! -Josh

Josh you are really onto something-this is a very dynamic and responsive writing method and you can utilize it on the books I have already drawn-that's the beauty of it....

one downside of the method is it led to the infamous Lee/Ditko feud.  But i never want credit for anything but the art so this would never be an issue with me and any writer.  Of course I didn't co plot any of RC but I'm just sayin.