These people are ACTUALLY Cool.

As determined by the Rapid City Below Zero #4 Kickstarter campaign.

  • Jessica "Jack-knife" Dahl

  • Bob "The Bobcat" Salley

  • Jason "The Bee-Sting" Beasley

  • Mark "Of The Beast" Griffioen

  • Garth "Vader" McMurray

  • Jon "Jail-break" Juniman

  • Roberto "Show-Time" Torres

  • Jason "Licks" Nickol

  • Michelle Joy "The Ghost Empress" Gallagher

  • Bill "Texas Bill" Imbrogna

  • David "Double Dutch" Dwyer

  • Jennie "The Fogtown Smasher" Wood

  • Chisty "Apple-Jack" Czerwien

  • John "The Strongest Man" Wagner

  • Jo Ann "The Sinister Eel"